Reach Blade II 35mm
Reach Blade II 35mm

Reach Blade II 35mm

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Introducing Blade II from THE TRINITY BLADES by Site Inspections - The Precision Tool for Hard-to-Reach Locations in the Building Industry

Continuing its tradition of pushing boundaries in the building industry, Site Inspections presents Blade II, an integral part of its innovative product line, THE TRINITY BLADES. Specifically engineered to measure fillet/bond breaker requirements in challenging and hard-to-reach locations, Reach Blade II brings precision and convenience right into your hands.

Reach Blade II: The Expert for Class II Liquid Membrane Applications

Reach Blade II is meticulously crafted to deliver a 35mm minimum fillet/bond breaker measurement, as stipulated by the AS 3740 standard for Class II liquid membrane applications.

AS 3740 Table 4.10 Bond Breakers

 Membrane class
Elongation at break
Minimum bond breaker/tape width
10 % to 59 %
100 mm
60 % to 299 %
35 mm
≥ 300 %
12 mm

NOTE 1 Bond breakers for Class I membranes (low extensibility) allow the membrane to flex rather than stretch.
NOTE 2 Bond breakers for Class II membranes (medium extensibility) allow the membrane to stretch. If a tape is used as a bond breaker, either the membrane will not bond to the tape or the tape will have elastic properties similar to the membrane.
NOTE 3 Bond breakers for Class III membranes (high extensibility) allow the membrane to have even thickness.

It's always essential to consult the product manufacturer's Technical Data Sheet to ensure that the fillet/bond breaker sizes align with the specific membrane system and satisfy the minimum requirements set by the Australian standards.

Exceptional Features

In addition to its primary function, the Reach Blade II comes with an integrated 150mm ruler, providing a simple solution for measuring vertical membrane termination heights from the structural floor or 25mm above the finished floor level and much more, as specified by AS 3740.

Its innovative design and compact size give Reach Blade II unparalleled access to challenging areas - whether under sliding doors leading to balconies or those hard-to-reach corners. As a unique tool in its category, Reach Blade II from THE TRINITY BLADES is a crucial addition to your professional toolkit.

Built to Last

Reach Blade II is crafted from hardened 420 Stainless Steel and measures 1.2mm in thickness, ensuring both durability and longevity even in demanding environments.

Who Can Benefit From Reach Blade II?

Reach Blade II is not just a tool; it's an essential companion for various industry professionals, such as:

  • Waterproofing Applicators
  • Builders
  • Site Managers
  • Building Consultants & Inspectors
  • Third-Party Compliance Testers
  • Membrane Manufacturer Representatives

For these professionals, precision and efficiency are paramount. With Blade II from THE TRINITY BLADES, they can elevate their work to new heights of accuracy and productivity.

Choose Reach Blade II from THE TRINITY BLADES, where precision meets accessibility and efficiency in the world of building inspections.


Examination of AS 3740 and AS 4654.2 Fillet/Bond Breaker Requirements:

AS 3740 Fillet/Bond Breaker Requirements:

  1. Definition: Bond breaker is a system that prevents the membrane from bonding to the substrate.
  2. Class II Membranes: These medium extensibility membranes require a minimum bond breaker/tape width of 35mm.
  3. Class III Membranes: These high extensibility membranes require a minimum bond breaker/tape width of 12mm.
  4. Bond Breaker Profile: Although not explicitly defined, the diagrams in the standard depict a concave finish for the bond breaker.

Two application options for class III membrane bond breaker:

  • Option 1 (Mitre Finish): Sealant bead should extend up the wall and along the floor for a minimum of 8.49mm each (total distance of 16.98mm).
  • Option 2 (Concave Finish): Sealant bead should extend up the wall and along the floor for a minimum of 7.64mm each (total distance of 15.28mm).

Note: A concave bond breaking sealant bead provides a larger bond breaking surface than a mitre one when applied at the same distances, resulting in a smaller but equally effective bond breaking bead.

AS 4654.2 Fillet Requirements:

  1. Fillet Usage: Fillets are necessary when a membrane changes from a horizontal to a vertical plane or from one vertical plane to another.
  2. Fillet Size: The standard requires a 40mm x 40mm fillet for sheet membranes and a 15mm x 15mm fillet for liquid membranes. The 15mm x 15mm requirement for liquid membranes means the hypotenuse side of the triangle (the fillet) is approximately 21.21mm.

Remember, always check the fillet/ bond breaker dimensions with the product manufacturer's Technical Data Sheet to ensure compatibility with the membrane system and alignment with the Australian standards.

The Predator Gauge: Your Professional Companion

By interpreting and applying these technical requirements effectively, professionals can ensure their work aligns with all applicable Australian standards. The Predator Gauge makes this task easier, providing the precision and convenience needed to excel. Ideal for waterproofing applicators, builders, site managers, building consultants & inspectors, third-party compliance testers, and membrane manufacturer representatives, this gauge proves to be an indispensable tool.

Upgrade your toolkit with the Predator Gauge - for impeccable workmanship that speaks for itself.

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